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Fast Radiofield Tester (FRT) Measuring System for determining the radio coverage radio in buildings and for the planning of indoor coverage radio systems.

With the new Schomandl FRT measuring system, radio field measurements can be carried out, which are necessary in connection with indoor coverage radio systems. In addition to the actual measurement, the system also provides an automated representation of the radio supply, as they are necessary for the installation of the radio units.

This not only allows safe and rapid measurements, but also achieves a time-saving and current BDBOS specifications according to the presentation of the measurement results.


DMR Base Station FSO6 Outdoor

The FSO6 Outdoor is designed specifically to
minimize the installation expenses and lower the
operating cost while providing an excellent radio
coverage. The outdoor base stations space-saving
design is intended for mounting in a tower, mast
or on a wall.

  • Compact design, easy installation
  • All base station components are included
    in the outdoor housing
  • Easy and cost-saving installation:
    Minimize the INPEX/OPEX expenditure
  • DMR Tier II and analogue operation
  • Simulcast on-board: full radio coverage
    with one frequency
  • Software simulcast over IP networks



The unique SCHNOOR FSO 6 COMPACT is a cost effective DMR Tier II repeater, but however based on high tier base station hardware components designed for continuous operation 24/7. Therefore it supports the SNMP protocol and comes with a duplex filter as a default configuration, to enable you with the full capabilities of the DMR standard.

  • Complete DMR repeater on only 3 HU including power supply • Ready to deploy out of the box
  • IOP tested with leading terminal manufacturers
  • Duplex filter for highest flexibility on board, simple upgrade to simulcast operation
  • Real base station components prepared for full availability 24/7

.Broschüre Funkvermittlung Download pdf


Revision-safe Archiving of Audio Channels (RSSA)

  • IP address based matching of IP packets with voice chanels
  • Saving IP packets of selected channels, low-level, starting and ending automatically with user activity
  • Decoding of ATIS headers
  • Adding meta data and time stamps
  • Revision-safe by applying checksums on file and filesystem levels
  • Web browser frontend with direct audio output

The RSSA will filter voice channels, which are encoded in an IP stream, reorganise the IP packages to their originator channel, and archive them revision-safe in a proprietary format.

Broschüre Funkvermittlung Download pdf

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